Real time gaming company Unreal Engine was looking to add a bit more polish to their annual GDC (game developer conference) presentation for 2019. In previous years, similar to 2019, they had generated a fair amount of branding and assets internally, but had never brought on outside artists or studios to assist. Possible Productions, having a strong track record for live visuals, was tapped to step in. I was then tapped to lead the design phase for them.

At the onset, Unreal Engine provided a great starting color palette, some gradients, and the idea of using certain shapes over those gradients. The team at Possible, and myself, felt there was a lot of room where we could take these concepts and were excited to start exploration.

This was my first time working with both Possible and Unreal, and I was thoroughly impressed with how concise, well thought out, and how good creative direction coming back was. This job was a lot of fun to be a part of.

Final | Stage Ribbon
Development | Alt Stage Ribbons
Final | Broadcast Mortise
Development | Alt Broadcast Mortise
Final | Lower Third
Development | Alt Lower Thirds

Studio: Possible Productions
CG Design & Animation: Josh Van Praag
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