Standard Spin is the design practice of Josh Van Praag

The best work is done with people that have a strong passion for their product, brand, or whatever thing they feel ownership of. There is no "it" brand or target execution. There is no above this, or below that. Good people, good design, and passion for a product.


CG Animation / Assets
Visual Effects

Fifteen plus years later, nothing is taken for granted, and I am always grateful for opportunities given.

Broadcast, installation, concert visuals, social (in all the rectangles), UI motion studies, keynotes, channel rebrand, motion brand packages. I've always thrived in that shifting landscape. It keeps things new and interesting.

Some of the greatest art, best music, products created, were all imagined by people with a mindset in more than one style or execution. Hybrids, not specialists. That is where I strive to be. Where traditional design thinking meets new execution.