McDonald's new art direction is fun, poppy, and full of surprises. So, with Magic Box, we wanted to embrace those ideas while showing off a golden Filet-O-Fish. Working with Bernstein-Rein, we came up with fun ways to showcase "treasures of the sea". Our goal was to surprise the viewer, and reveal the different treasures in an engaging way, while remaining true to actual mechanics of a pop-up book.

Development | PITCH FRAMEĀ 

Client: McDonalds
Agency: Bernstein Rein
Animation Company: The Mill+
Creative Director: Bowe King
Producer: Tracey Kahn
Design: Josh Van Praag, Anzie Lee, Matt Darnall
3D Artists: Adam Carroll, Maureen Lu, Hillary McCarthy,
Joshua Merck, Rim Khayat, Elizabeth Mitchell, David Hackett
2D Artists: Franz Brandstaetter, Melissa Graff
Matte Painters: Seung Ho Henrik Holmberg, Marie Tricart
Colour: Luke Morrison
Sound Design: Evolution Audio

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