Just think of what you could do with a buck or two... one read through the “this or that” comparisons in BBDO Atlanta’s initial script and we were laughing about the potential visual treatment. The ask was to help spread the word about Georgia Lottery’s newly increased payout for their often overlooked $1 and $2 scratch-off tickets.

We took a mixed-media approach to the request for a “cut-out style” animation. Our original designs included a balance of photographic elements and hand-drawn illustrations.
As we entered production, we cast our “Hot Dog Guy” and photographed him performing his scene, to avoid the limitations of available stock photography options. This gave us plenty of expressions to choose from as we created his animated performance. We also photographed two hand models, paper transitions, the un-crumpling dollar bill, and the lottery logo.

Our main character was rigged with DUIK and animated in After Effects, while C4D was used to rig and animate George Washington, the coins on the counter, and to generate some of the radiating brush strokes. From there we brought all of these disparate elements together in After Effects, following our approved style frames, and introduced a series of transitions over the :30 spot. The final animation garnered attention from Motionographer & Wine After Coffee.

Development | CG Rigs
Development | Talent Shoot

Client: Georgia Lottery
Agency: BBDO Atlanta
Animation Company: The Mill+
Creative Director: Jeff Boddy
Art Director: Matt Darnall
Technical Director: Josh Van Praag
Producer: Erica Hilbert
Production Coordinator: Katie Sink
Storyboards: Matt Darnall, Adrian Navarro
Design: Adrian Navarro, Prashanti Aswani, Jeff Boddy
Photographer: Dan Frantz
Animators: Prashanti Aswani, Josh Van Praag, Matt Darnall
Finishing: Michael Sarabia
Hot Dog Guy: Jobe Cerny
Sound Design: Acoustech Music Productions

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