The message in Dairy Queen's new 'Flip a Blizzard' campaign is very straightforward: blizzards are now served upside down at all DQ locations. 'Clap Your Feet America', is a fully animated spot launching this new campaign, and also boasts an original sing-along song scripted by Barkley US - to call on the world to get topsy-turvy with them.

The main rule for us was very simple: every character is upside down and every character finds a way to make it work for them. After that, the inspiration was a creative, fun, and organic process. A character had to make us laugh, whether it be in design, absurdity or animation. As long as it was charming, we would make it work.

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Client: Dairy Queen
Agency: Barkley US
Animation Company: The Mill+
Art Director: Matt Darnall
Technical Director: Josh Van Praag
Producer: Tracey Kahn
Storyboards: Adrian Navarro
Design: Brian Gossett, Matt Darnall, Adrian Navarro
3D Design: Josh Van Praag
Animators: Josh Van Praag, Adrian Navarro, Matt Darnall, Peter Kallstrom,
Marco Giampaolo, Steve Beck, Ambrose McDuffy, Anzie Lee
Sound Design: Primary Color Music

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