Chobani Champions wanted to get the word out about their products, which were just coming into several new markets. They had been doing bus tours for their parent brand and NY agency Big Spaceship thought this would be an excellent way to highlight Champions as well. They wanted their bus tour to be a rich, interactive experience, entertaining and delighting children while educating parents. They started by designing the bus, which included elements of the visual identity they created for the brand, a large-screen monitor for displaying the video production Hush created about the Champlify app, and an augmented reality experience which allowed visitors to capture a unique photo to commemorate their visit to the bus.

Development | Model Turntables

Deliverable | Wrapped bus showcasing video


Client: Agro-Farma / Chobani Champions
Agency: Big Spaceship
Animation Company: Hush
Creative Director: David Schwarz & Erik Karasyk
Art Director: Wes Ebelhar
Producer: Jana Heiss, Michele Watkins, Jenn Mann
Design: Wes Ebelhar
Animators: Josh Van Praag, Wes Ebelhar, Andrew Schonoweis, Ben Gabelman, Ege Soyuer

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