The Mill Chicago team collaborated with Leo Burnett Executive Producer Juan Woodbury to transform the opening and closing galas at the 2014 Cannes Lions Festival with dynamic visual content.

Opening with the theme "Fire and Earth" and closing with "Ice and Snow", Mill+ artists created rich visuals that were projected onto screens at the events, featuring an abstract narrative that worked to enhance the experience for attendees of the prestigious festival.

The team wanted to produce something more than just loop-able motion graphics or generative content. Instead they sought to create elements with a robust concept and visuals worthy of the event that honors a diverse array of personalities and award winning work.

The design direction, combined photography, double exposure collage elements, stock imagery, type design, hand drawn assets, and CG FX to achieve the final look.

In total, over 45 minutes worth of content was created for the event.

Styleframes | Opening Gala

Styleframes | Closing Gala

Delivery | Custom pillows

Production | Shoot at Resolution Digital Studios


Client: Cannes Lions
Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago
Animation Company: The Mill+
Creative Director: Bowe King
Art Director: Josh Van Praag
Producer: Tracey Kahn
Design: Josh Van Praag
3D Artist: Nic Yiallouris
Animators: Josh Van Praag, Bowe King, Jeff Boddy, Adrian Navarro,
Anzie Lee, Chris Mennuto, Matt Darnall, TJ Sochor
Finishing: Gavin Camp, Jamie Beckwith, Michael Sarabia, Randy McEntree
Wardrobe: Agga B.

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